In addition to using this online form, Loan applications can be completed using or PDF form that can be emailed or printed and taken into one of our locations. Please call our offices for further instructions on this process.

In order to comply with regulations and adhere to proper due diligence standard, we may check with registered credit agencies and designated Anti-Money Laundering lists specific to the service requested and Central Bank Guidelines as part of the application review process.


We have a responsibility to both you and our stakeholders to ensure that decisions made towards your loan do not put you into any financial difficulties while also not taking an undue risk that will negatively impact our business. We will carefully review your application and make a decision that is in our best interest. Please note we reserve the right to decline any application. It does not mean we cannot offer you a loan. Based on the circumstances we can offer a loan at a reduced amount or work with you to address any issues noted during the review process.

Proof of income

When reviewing a loan application we may ask for proof of income and bank statements to assist in the risk assessment process.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list and a loan contract with additional conditions will be provided before the final approval and dispersal of funds for your review and agreement.